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Manage your own food cart, choose your own menu and buy your ingredients. How will your menu choices affect your customers?


As the prestigious chef, you are required to choose certain meals to have on your menu. But be careful these meals have a classification value of healthy or unhealthy. Purchase the necessary ingredients and start your adventurous shift! Notice that unhealthier options are cheaper with cheaper ingredients, while the healthier options are more pricey. So be sure to examine your food cart and the customers to pick the best options/outcome.


  • Educational Cooking Simulator
  • Drag & Drop, Chop, Cook, Fry, Mix and Serve
  • Single-player
  • Vector Art Style
  • Free To Play | Mobile, Tablet

Release Date

Downloadable for Mobile, Tablet.

Alpha Build - 04/05/2018

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Food of Fortune.zip 28 MB

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